Finding Four-in-a-Row for the Win

In this post for the Building Connect Four with Vue.js and Phoenix series, we'll implement an algorithm for detecting four-in-a-row with JavaScript and display the results to our Vue.js components.

Animating Connect Four with Vue.js

Continuing our series on building Connect Four with Vue and Phoenix, we'll use Vue transitions and a third party library to animate the SVG checkers falling and bouncing into place when added to the game board.

Building basic Connect Four with Vue.js

Continuing our Connect Four series, we will take a look at converting a static HTML representation of a Connect Four board and add functionality and dynamic rendering with Vue.js.

Testing Rails generators

This tutorial shows how to use Rails::Generators::TestCase to test drive your own Rails generators

Why I'm betting on Elixir

Starting a new web application? Take a good look at Elixir which can help scale with the needs of a business and still be really fun to use.

N+1 is a Rails feature

In which we talk about how N+1 queries allow Rails developers to opt for Russian Doll caching to address performance bottlenecks.

Quiet assets in Rails 5

Recent changes to the sprockets-rails gem adds the ability to silence asset request logging in Rails 5

Sending Web Push Notifications from Rails

This blog post describes how to set up a simple demonstration of the Web Push and Service Worker JavaScript APIs to send notifications to users from a Ruby on Rails application.

An offline page for your Rails application

This post demonstrates how to integrate the Service Worker Javascript API with the Rails asset pipeline to precache and render an offline page for your Rails application when visitors have no network connection.

Service Worker on Rails

This blog post describes how to integrate JavasScript for the new Service Worker API into Ruby and Rails applications that use Sprockets for the Rails asset pipeline.

Ancient City Ruby Snake Case

Comparing mathematical, iterative, and recursive solutions to the Snake Case challenge posed during the Ancient City Ruby Conference

Thread Pool - A Ruby Antihero

A thread pool is an abstraction for re-using a limited number of threads for performing work concurrently to save resources

Clojure's iterate in Ruby

Implementing the Clojure sequence functions, iterate, with Ruby's Enumerator to emulate sequences

Recurring events in Ruby

Montrose is an easy-to-use library for defining recurring events in Ruby. It uses a simple chaining system for building recurrences, inspired heavily by the design principles of HTTP.rb and rule definitions available in the Recurrence gem.

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