Like many of you, I discovered the joy of programming later in life. I know how challenging it can be to learn this completely new way of thinking while dealing with LIFE. But hey, you've got it good - there were no coding bootcamps or StackOverflow when I was starting out. If I could do it then, you can definitely do it now. Even better, you can learn from my mistakes.

Now I'm the Head of Engineering at Devpost where I am in charge of the team building the leading hackthon platform while improving our development and deployment practices, expanding our architecture, optimizing performance, and creating new features.

Prior to Devpost, I was an early hire at Weplay, an online youth sports team platform and social community. Before its acquisition by TeamSnap in 2013, Weplay grew to over 400,000 users on 25,000 teams across the country. We built messaging, scheduling, recurring events, drill library, local sports news, activity distrubution, and group privacy controls. Some other notable features included team map visualization, media uploading and gallery, league management tools, color customization, user signup validation, inline-editing interfaces, team polling, and avataring.

I’ve played large roles in defining the product vision, providing customer support, evangelizing best practices for Javascript coding and testing, and improving front-end performance.

Before I got into web development, I was a member of the Teach for America program, teaching science in Houston, TX at Jackson Middle School in the Houston Independent School District and at the amazing YES College Prep. At YES, I coached a robotics club that twice won the state Botball championships.

For more on my professional experience and background, please refer to my résumé.

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Ross Kaffenberger
New York, New York