Ruby Rogues - Surviving Webpack

I joined the Ruby Rogues podcast as a guest to discuss the challenges of adopting webpack for Rails developers. October 2019.

Getting Lazy with Vue and PDFs

Here's a lightning talk in which I share the most important lesson I learned while building a PDF Viewer in Vue. VueDC meetup, January 2019.

A Webpack Survival Guide for Rails Developers

I set out to give the talk I would have wanted to see before making the switch from Sprockets to Webpacker in a large Rails application. This talk captures some of the mistakes we made, how we fixed them, and highlights general lessons to help Rails developers understand how webpack works and how it differs from its predecessor. RailsConf, Pittsburgh PA, April 2018.

Progressive Web Apps on Rails

A brief lightning talk on how to set up Rails as a Progressive Web App using the serviceworker-rails gem for the Rails asset pipeline. Arlington Ruby Meetup, September 2016.

Enumerable's Ugly Cousin at GORUCO 2016

A brief introduction to the fundamental concepts of Ruby's Enumerator class and how it helped me model recurring events. Gotham Ruby Conference, June 2016.

Recurring events in Ruby

A talk on how to define, enumerate, and query recurrence objects in Ruby using the Montrose gem. NYC Ruby Meetup, February 2016.

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