Vue.js is omakase

Taking a page of the Rails cookbook, Vue.js manages to provide a great developer experience for those looking to hit the ground running and other wishing to customize their setup.

Seven reasons choose Vue.js in 2019

This post describes a bunch of reasons why developers might enjoy choosing Vue.js as the next JavaScript framework to learn in the coming year.

Refactoring to nested abstract components

Though it's often more easier to extract shared behavior as mixins to be used across components in Vue.js, this post describes at a high level how I used abstract components to achieve the same goal and the advantages of doing so.

Extracting a data component in Vue

In this tutorial, we'll illustrate the general benefits of extracting data components in Vue.js applications and apply this approach to the PDF viewer application so that multiple child components can share fetched PDF page data.

Displaying PDFs lazily with Vue

This tutorial demonstrates how to use Vue to defer fetching and rendering of PDF page data until elements are scrolled into the client browser.

Deploying Vue with CircleCI 2.0

Our series on building Connect Four with Vue.js continues by setting up automated deployment to Amazon S3 with CircleCI and the command line tool s3deploy

Finding Four-in-a-Row for the Win

In this post for the Building Connect Four with Vue.js and Phoenix series, we'll implement an algorithm for detecting four-in-a-row with JavaScript and display the results to our Vue.js components.

Animating Connect Four with Vue.js

Continuing our series on building Connect Four with Vue and Phoenix, we'll use Vue transitions and a third party library to animate the SVG checkers falling and bouncing into place when added to the game board.

Building basic Connect Four with Vue.js

Continuing our Connect Four series, we will take a look at converting a static HTML representation of a Connect Four board and add functionality and dynamic rendering with Vue.js.

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