Though I don't recommend excessive redirects, sometimes you need more than 5 in your Capybara specs; this is the default redirect limit for Capybara. When you exceed this limit, you get a dreaded Capybara::InfiniteRedirectError.

In Capybara 2.0+, this limit is configurable:

Capybara.register\_driver :rack\_test do |app| app, \\
    redirect_limit: 15,
    follow_redirects: true,
    respect_data_method: true

Register a new instance of the rack test driver with options, as shown above. If you're on Rails, it may be necessary for you to set :respect_data_method to true; this instructs capybara to simulate the request method specified via data-method attributes in your link. With Rails, an extension like rails/jquery-ujs allows you to enable additional request methods via unobtrusive javascript in real browsers. This setting currently defaults to false in the RackTest driver; one of the primary configurations in capybara/rails is to set this option. So... you may be surprised if you omit this option and suddenly get missing route exceptions in your specs.

The best long term solution for you and your users is to figure out how to reduce or eliminate unnecessary redirects. Playing with the redirect limit in your test environment may be a good way to identify potential problem areas of your app.

Discuss it on Twitter · Published on Mar 26, 2013

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