Recently, I cobbled together an entry for the 10K Apart Contest. The contest encouraged participants to build an entirely front-end web application in HTML/CSS/Javascript in under 10 kb of total assets, not including some allowable third party libraries such as jQuery or Prototype. Entries must also leverage HTML5 features, some of which include local storage, the canvas API, and web workers.

Several entries had already been submitted by the time I heard of the contest back in mid-July. I found games, like Lines, search engines, to-do lists, and so on. I considered implementing a Flickr slideshow that would make use of the contributions I’ve made to the supersized jQuery plugin at Weplay, but ultimately decided on a Keynote/Powerpoint alternative.

It’s called soapbox. The inspiration comes from showoff, which is backed by a server. soapbox provides an in-browser interface to create, preview and present slides with markdown or markup. Slides are auto-saved to local storage, if available, as json. I sent in my 10K Apart entry on the deadline day. You can also find the latest on github.

Discuss it on Twitter · Published on Sep 8, 2010

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